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26/05/2007: Trelldom’s third and long awaited full-length album ‘Til Minne...’ is scheduled for release in Europe on May 28th via Regain Records. The new CD comes with an elaborate 20-page booklet of outstanding imagery and lyrics. See the store section to find out where you can pre-order ‘Til Minne...’. The vinyl version is also in the making, but a release date is still not set. Check back for more info on this later.

26/05/2007: New website launched!


Trelldom was founded by Gaahl in Sunnfjord, Norway in 1992. A demo tape and three full-length albums has since then been released. The line-up for the last ten years has been and still is Gaahl (vocals), Sir (bass) and Valgard (guitars).

Sir, Valgard and Gaahl.


Til minne...

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Til Minne...

1. Til Minne...
2. Bortkomne Svar
3. Fra Mitt Gamle...
4. By My Will
5. Vinternatt
6. From This Past
7. Steg
8. Eg Reiste i Minnet...

Released in 2007 via Regain Records.
Produced by Pytten and Trelldom in Grieghallen Studios. Hardingfele: Egil Furenes.

Vocals: Gaahl
Guitars: Valgard
Bass: Sir
Drums: Are

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